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Angel Fire Duo (2014)

for violin and viola

Program Note

Angel Fire Duo for Violin and Viola was written in 2014. It is commissioned by Music from Angel Fire with the support of the Bruce E. Howden, Jr. American Composers Project and Friends of the Festival. The premiere was given by Ida Kavafian, Violin, and Steven Tenenbom, Viola, on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, at Angel Fire Community Center, New Mexico.

The inspiration of the work largely comes from knowing that the work would be premiered by two wonderful virtuoso musicians, the wife-and-husband team of Ida and Steven. Even (or especially) in a love duo, a couple has to listen to each other all the time, just like in a good relationship. Yet there are also tensions and frictions which need to be resolved. Ultimately, the two must sing together and at the same time express themselves individually: just like in a good relationship.

Except for the third movement which was based on a Chinese folk song from Shandong Province, musically the work was freely-composed, in which I hope my multi-cultural baring would somehow seep through.

The work is dedicated to Pam, my dear wife.

—Bright Sheng 盛宗亮

天使的情火(二重奏):小提琴和中提琴,創作於2014年。該作品由天使之火音樂節委約,由 布魯斯.豪頓及初級美國作曲家項目和音樂節之友贊助。由小提琴艾達.卡瓦费恩和中提琴史蒂芬.鄧倫邦首演於2014年8月20日(星期三),在新墨西哥州的天使之火社區中心。

這首作品的靈感絕大部分源自首演該作品的兩位技藝精湛的伉儷音樂家,艾達和史蒂芬。 二重奏的演奏正如在現實生活中一樣,美好的夫妻彼此要仔細聆聽對方,儘管有時會有矛盾和摩擦 。最終兩位歌唱自如,同時又能表達他們的自我。