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August 2015, "one of the absolute highlights during Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music was the remarkable performance of Bright Sheng's "Deep Red," a TMC 75th Anniversary commission for marimba and chamber ensemble. The marimba soloist, George Nickson was spectacular, performing the fiendishly difficult solo part from memory to a roar of applause, that included a standing ovation from much of the audience." posted by ‎Michael Spudic on facebook

Deep Red (2014)

For marimba* and chamber ensemble
(11 players:solo mba+1111/1000/pno/string quintet)

Listening the most recent performance by Pius Cheung
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Bright Sheng

Program Note

Deep Red, co-commissioned by the Eastern Music Festival and Tanglewood Music Center, receives the world premiere performance on July 21st, 2014, in Greensboro, North Carolina, with Gerard Schwarz conducting and John Parks as the soloist.

The orchestration calls for the solo marimba with an ensemble of 11 players: flute (doubles piccolo), oboe (doubles English horn), clarinet in Bb, bassoon, French horn in F, piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and double bass.

One of the most challenging aspects in writing for the marimba is the instrument’s limited range of timbre. In this work, I attempted to remedy this by using different devices in orchestration, some subtle while others bold. What I hope to achieve is an assortment of tonal colors within the warm deep red marimba sound.

The basic thematic material of the work comes from the reconstruction of a love song I wrote during my teenage years living in Qinghai, a remote province on the Tibetan Plateau in northwestern China, where folk music was abundant.

—Bright Sheng


*The FIVE-OCTAVE Marimba needs to be amplified with a single speaker placed near the soloist. The house system should not be used.

《深紅色》是由美國東部音樂節及探戈森林音樂節聯合委約, 2014年7月21日在東部音樂節首演,由John Parks擔任獨奏,Gerard Schwarz 指揮。這首作品配器為獨奏馬林巴琴以及長笛(兼短笛)、雙簧管、Bb調單簧管、大管、法國號、兩把小提琴、中提琴、大提琴及倍司。

馬林巴琴的音色變化不大。面對這種限制,我在曲中試圖採用配器法裡的各種有細微也有大膽的技法, 希望能在馬林巴琴的音色裡找到濃淡變化的《深紅》色彩。